Who we are
We are committed to excellence and attention to details.

We are commercial contractors specializing in roofing and metal building erection. We apply our professional knowledge to residential roofing; no one matches our quality. Engineers, architects, and military are just some of our beloved customers. It all started 10 years ago when we did a job for an Apache helicopter pilot, and we have done jobs for Black Hawk pilots as well; we have learned not to confuse the two. 

A flight review over 300 parts are inspected and considered.   After flight review (AFR), the object and the mission is reviewed. We tried to apply the same principles to pre-construction meeting, and final inspection; we want the best customer experience. We strive for perfection and we are constantly improving!

  • Pre- construction planning improves scheduling, and reduce cost

  • Plan sign off

  • Submittals

  • Material list review

  • Scheduling

  • Weather concerns, climate and environment concerns

  • Access to property

  • Ventilation, decking inspection

  • Warranty

  • Building codes are the minimum requirements; we follow the highest architectural standards

  • Manufacture guide lines

  • Personnel

  • Clean up

  • Final inspection AFR How did we do?

                                                                                     Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business!